Solid and dynamic, Nuova Service is constantly growing and evolving.

It is effectively involved in:

- Warehouse managemen;

- Transhipment;

- Freight handling, loading / unloading, order handling, picking, shipping;

- Food packaging, quality control etc;

- Assemblies.

As far as order and cleanliness, warehouses are managed with rigor and equipped meticulously with the latest control and safety systems dedicated exclusively to the storage of your goods. Assembly operations are carried out in a designated, well-equipped and sanitized area. In more than 20 years of management of the logistics and services industry, we have acquired such an experience that we can offer and provide customized solutions. The use of top quality materials, products and equipment in addition to a team filled with highly qualified people in the resolution of issues and customers needs, make Nuova Service your ideal partner.

Our strategic location in the area of Dossobuono, crossroads of important traffic routes and motorway, allows a speed of travel and a reduction of costs. Price competitiveness is another strength of Nuova Service.

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